Amazfit Bip S: Perfect Watch For You While You Go For Running

It’s no secret that when Engadget chooses the products we should consider, we usually opt for the high-end. But sometimes we choose stuff because it’s inexpensive or seemingly a decent business. This is one of those matter. Beep one-S is a smartwatch, the brand economic Amazfit. It features built-in GPS, an optical heart rate sensor, basic smartwatch notifications, sleep tracking, water resistance, and a battery that can charge up to 40 hours. Not bad for less than.

This will probably not be a surprise, but there are many compromises. And yet, after a week of wearing it, I feel comfortable recommending it, albeit with some limitations. If you are mainly in the market of a smartwatch, the compromises here are probably not worth the price of the basement. But if all you want is a inexpensive sports watch for exercising, the Bip s suddenly becomes much more compelling.

Material and Design

Like so many smartwatches, the Bip s basically looks like an Apple Watch, with a square display, a silicone strap and a button on the right that would be called a digital crown in the Apple language. Of course, which means you’ll have to adjust your expectations accordingly. The included silicone strap is stiff, while the 1,28-inch display 176 x 176 is framed on all sides by thick glasses. The watch, which comes in four colors, is so delicate that it never looks displaced on my little wrist. However, it’s not really pretty.

Again, the screen is still on-a feature that Apple Watch has only received for five years. And although the polycarbonate beep s feels a bit inexpensive, it’s hard to argue with its lightweight construction: only 31 grams, or 1.1 ounces. It’s definitely lighter on my wrist than the Garmin Forerunner 645 Music I usually wear. The display is also equipped with Gorilla glass and an anti-fingerprint coating. To his advantage, the screen remained without scratches during my tests.

It should also be noted that, however inexpensive this watch may be, it has an optical heart rate sensor, which is amazing considering that some of the other devices in this price range are basic fitness tracking bands.

The watch also has a water resistance of 5 ATM, which means it can withstand the equivalent of 50 meters of water pressure. In simple words, the watch should do very well for swimming, not to mention the baths. I don’t have access to a pool where I live, but I took the watch in the shower and had no problems.

At a glance, the dull colors and tiny font of the screen add to this inexpensive look, but you remember that the transflective TFT display is crucial for long battery life. Huami, the company that owns the Amazfit brand, says the beep can last up to 40 days on one charge or 22 days with continued use of GPS. The company adds that 15 days is likely to be more realistic about what it calls”typical” terms of service.

I didn’t have 40 days to test this exam, and 22 hours of nonstop racing seemed unrealistic, but I can say that after a week of use and five races, I still had a battery capacity of 74%. This would also be a good time to mention that the seemingly muted screen was infallibly easy to distinguish even in the afternoon on a sunny summer day,

User Experience

In the end, it’s less the hardware that makes the beep inexpensive, but the software-especially a combination of the device’s app design and firmware. Not all dials are available with a US compatible 12-hour clock. You can enter your height only in centimeters. Even if you choose miles over the course of kilometers, the mile warning you will see during your jog still refers to your pace “in the last km.”There is no progress bar when you install firmware updates. You can only log in to two third-party services-Strava and Apple Health-and when you log in to Strava through Facebook, you’ll see a warning that the browser built into Zepp is not supported. The entire application and firmware are full of embarrassing translations and special punctuation possibilities.

In this matter, Huami is listed on the New York Stock Exchange in the United States and claims to be the first Chinese “smart hardware company” to enter the US market. But for a user who hasn’t heard of Amazfit, let alone Huami, bugs and inconsistencies like this could add a touch of illegitimacy.

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