Gadget Guide – Xbox Series X : A 4K Beast

The Xbox Series x is an excuse for the Xbox One in almost every way. Microsoft’s recent console was increased by 100 more at launch than the PlayStation 4 — although it had less GPU power-and it had a Kinect camera, which was not very useful. The company tried to correct the shot with the middle-generation systems, the Xbox One S and the One X, but at that point the damage was done. As of this year, the PS4 is said to have sold more than twice as many units as the Xbox One.

So, with the x series, Microsoft is trying to implement everything from the beginning. It is the ultimate gaming console, with much more power than its previous performance, the Xbox One X. This new machine can deliver 4K games more reliably, press up to 120 frames per second and load games much faster than ever before. It will also play all your old games with better performance and HDR! It’s like Microsoft is just asking players to love it.

And after playing the system last week, it’s definitely something hardcore gamers will enjoy. It offers most of what you would want from a decent gaming PC, except that it’s in a handy console. But do you need it right away? Since there are not many convincing EXCLUSIONS, this is a more complicated question.

Material: Put the Box into Xbox

Yes, the Xbox Series x is big, which seems to be the trend of this generation of consoles. It measures 5.9 inches by 5.9 inches and measures about a foot tall, giving it an almost perfectly rectangular profile. It also weighs 9.8 pounds, more than a pound heavier than the Xbox One X. We’re used to Microsoft’s recent systems being a bit boxy, but the series looks more like a shrunken computer cover than something you’d expect under your TV. Once I got over the initial shock of seeing him in person, I was warmed up pretty quickly.

The Xbox Series x is strong and sturdy-but not as dense as the significantly smaller Xbox Series X. The matter itself is made of thick plastic, with minimal design flourishes. On the front panel is a hard drive, a single USB port and a pairing button of the controller, while the small Xbox power button is located in the corner. The only hint of flair you’ll surely notice is the huge fan exhaust at the top, which features a series of holes (the nightmare of a tryptophobe) with neon green accents alongside one of the biggest electronics fans you’ve ever seen.

You can align the console vertically – where it really emits PC tower vibrations-or horizontally. I appreciated the small rubber feet on one side of the system, which made it clear that it was intended to sit on the floor in horizontal mode. (This might sound like a strange thing to call it, but remember for our PlayStation 5 review.) The only drawback of this position is that the circular vertical bracket remains glued as if the X-series is a Star Wars droid that fell and can not stand up. In practice, this didn’t bother me too much, but I saw some people on Twitter who wanted to delete it altogether.

The Xbox Series x fits perfectly into my enjoyment system when it’s on the side. (Perhaps because it’s so closely reminiscent of Logitech’s big hyperboom speaker, it seemed to be at home next to my Pioneer center channel speaker.) I just had to make sure I leave a room free for the fan to emit hot air. The X series doesn’t spew as much heat as a gaming PC, but I’d bet you wouldn’t be happy in a closed enjoyment center. You have to let all your new consoles breathe, because they grow a ton of pixels.

Then, of course, the x-series looks like a box. But it’s what’s inside that’s really compelling. The Xbox Series x is powered by a custom 28-core Zen processor up to 3.8 GHz and a powerful new RDNA 2 GPU with 12 teraflops. It is impressive,but remember that it is about the same hardware as that of the PS5. The difference is that Microsoft’s console has a larger GPU to get some extra performance. While they both offer 16 GB of fast gddr6 RAM, Microsoft offers faster bandwidth than the PS5 for 10 GB of this memory. The remaining 6 GB now run slower than Sony’s console.

The x series also features a fast 1TB NVME SSD that is light years away faster than the slow mechanical drives of previous Xbox consoles. If you switched from a laptop with a conventional hard drive to an SSD, then this is about the same jump. The Xbox Series x is capable of moving large data files much faster and with less latency, which is essential for the massive textures needed by the 4K game. You can also expand system storage with Seagate’s 1TB expansion drive, which fits into a rear slot on the console. This drive may seem expensive today, but it’s not too far from the high-end NVME SSDs for PCs, and it will offer the same speeds as the internal SSD.

In addition, you can use a standard USB 3.1 external hard drive for “cold storage” of x-series games, but you will have to move it to the internal SSD or Seagate expansion drive to play it. Older backwards compatible games, on the other hand, can be played directly from the USB stick, although the loading times suffer.

While Microsoft has clearly thought about the overall design of the X series, the new controller is only slightly different from the previous one. There is a circular directional pad that is clicked satisfactorily, a share button pinched under the two middle buttons, and a few rough bumps along the bottom of the handles to support the grip. It operates on two AA batteries, as usual, and holds a charge as long as the existing Xbox gamepads, a duration of three days with regular use for me. The company essentially has as many ideas as possible of the Xbox Elite controller without changing the overall design of its standard gamepads. Xbox fans will be at home here, but after seeing the amount of Sony’s innovation in the DualSense, it’s disappointing that Microsoft hasn’t delivered anything really special with its new high-end console.

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