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I am the best type of person to write a review about the new iPad Air. And not just because I’m The editor of Engadget, but because I’m in the market for a PC. I need a machine for emails, surfing, Spotify and Slack Basic stuff. But I’m undecided between an expensive laptop and a tablet. Do I really need a machine if I already have a work laptop that I use 10 hours a day five days a week?

Although I have checked iPads for my work, I have never owned one. And according to Apple, I’m not alone:more than half of iPad buyers are first-time iPad owners. Other than my persnickety taste, then I’m exactly the kind of person that Apple is trying to gain air.

Not that this is a revolutionary update from last year’s model. The new Air is a bit larger than the previous generation and is also more expensive: for the base model. performance, Wi-Fi speeds and optional LTE are all supposed to be faster. The tablet now supports Apple’s second-generation Apple Pencil, which contains some very useful new tricks in iPadOS 14. With a few exceptions, The air is now on par with the iPad Pro, both in terms of features and specifications.

Design and material

When we tested the 2019 Air, we made up for it because of its outdated design (a frequent complaint in our Apple reviews). This year’s edition is much more like an iPad Pro, with flat edges; a smooth, uninterrupted back; and an almost edge-to-edge display that eliminates the old-school home button. The Touch ID fingerprint sensor that used to live there is now included in the lock button.

Below you will find a USB-C port-a convenience previously reserved for the Pro line. The same Smart Connector as The last generation Air and other recent Apple tablets are also on board. You need it for the magic keyboard and optional folio cover. Otherwise, you have separate stereo speakers and volume buttons, but no headphone jack. Buy AirPods, kids.

Your choice of color can also be a gift that you have a newer model. Although it is available in well-known hues like silver, Space Grey and rose gold, you can also opt for sky blue and green, the same mint tone as the new iPhone 12. If you saw Apple’s press photos on launch day and the pastel tones remind you a little too much of Easter eggs, you can be sure that it’s much more subtle in real life-almost a slate blue.

Although the screen is slightly larger this time (10.9 inches, compared to 10.5), the tablet weighs about a pound in the same way. It’s the same story with so many laptops we’ve tested over the past few years: maximizing screen area with thinner screens, allowing for a larger panel in an equally compact device.

It’s a pretty nice screen, similar in quality to what you’ll find on the More expensive iPad Pro. This is what Apple calls a “Liquid Retina Display” with a resolution of 2, 360 x 1, 460 and a pixel density of 264 ppi. Like the Pro (and last year’s Air), it supports the wider P3 color gamut and uses Apple’s True Tone technology, which automatically adjusts the color temperature to ambient light. (Of course, almost all Apple products, from iMacs to iPhones, have True Tone at this point.)

One thing you won’t be up in the air: the faster refreshing 120 Hz screen of the iPad Pro. It is also a little less bright: 500 Nits against 600. We have to pick up something for the top model, right?

I don’t have much to complain about after using the tablet for almost a week. I typed, scoured the web, streamed movies and scrolled through my photo library. Everything looked sharp and punchy, but never saturated. The anti-reflective coating also meant that I had large viewing angles.

If you only settle for a Minute of my Nitpicking, It’s a shame that Apple does not use OLED screens on its tablets, not even the iPad Pro. The” liquid ” in liquid Retina Display is a nod to The liquid crystal display, usually abbreviated as LCD. You may not notice the difference on your home screen or in white background apps, but after spending hours in Google Docs with dark mode enabled, I couldn’t help but notice that blacks just weren’t as black as they were on my three-year-old iPhone X.hopefully, the rumor is true That Apple will upgrade its tablets with LED mini-panels, which would bring benefits similar to those of OLED technology.

I finish our tour of the equipment where I started: in the back. This year’s Air has the same camera resolution as before-12 megapixels on the back and 7MP on the front. However, apart from the resolution, it is not the same camera setup. In terms of specifications, the rear camera now complies with what you will find in the Pro line and offers the ability to record videos in 4K (and take still images up to 8 MP during recording). The aperture on the back of the camera is also significantly improved-1: 1.8 compared to 1: 2.4 on the 2019 model. the front camera, meanwhile, promises to hold better in low light conditions. (The opening, however, remains unchanged.)

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